Where neither Seraphim nor raindrops go...

Invitation To A Funeral

a note via raven

A raven arrives at your window, bearing a small parchment scroll, stamped with a crimson wax seal.

“Beloved friends and family,

It is with deepest sorrow that we regret to inform you of the passing of our dear Jules LeCroix. He was found dead outside his university office late Thursday evening, and is believed to be connected to the break-in at the nearby museum by a large beast, now in custody. Professor LeCroix was known for his long journeys across much of the known world, charming those he met in every plane in his quest for notable antiquities. “This belongs in a museum!” he would often exclaim, and indeed much of his life was dedicated to finding and cataloging the artifacts our department hold’s dear. However, it was the relationships he made along the way which he treasured most dearly. As such, your presence is requested for the wake, funereal services, and the reading of his will.

Our condolences,
Mikael VonStradt, Barrister & Executor of the LeCroix will

Professor Radu Ludverc, Dept of Antiquities"



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