Lady of Pain

Her Serenity, mysterious Protector of the Gates


Her Serenity, the Lady of Pain, resembles a humanoid female with an elaborate headdress of shining blades surrounding her face. She drifts quietly across the ground, the hem of her gown barely brushing the surface. She has never been heard to speak, permitting her Dabu servants to speak for her instead.

As long as the gates between planes have existed, so has the Lady of Pain. Her origin and true nature are unknown to any alive. She exercises nearly divine power without a thought, but refuses any glory or praise. Though she has been known to banish even the mightiest of beings, and may open or close any of the realm portals, she has never appeared far from a gate. Those who threaten the the doors risk death from her gaze, or the passing of her shadow – or worse, banishment into an extra-dimensional Maze, never to be seen again. But the Bladed Queen does not rule any realms; she only keeps them all seperate. And it is impossible for others to fathom what she considers a threat…

Lady of Pain

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