Papa Ghulo

Questionably Sane Gnome Ringmaster


Mister Ghulo, better known to those in his circus as Papa Ghulo, is the head of a traveling circus troupe. Ever the showman, Papa Ghulo loves the raise the drama in any situation, banking on shock value and the bizarre. However it is difficult to tell just what is a performance and what is not, leaving his sanity somewhat questionable. What is known is that his troupe tends to take in some of the oddest characters in the known world, and in this world that is quite the feat. The group functions as a sort of displaced family, especially for those who may have been chased from their homes as freaks. Papa Ghulo is by no means a steady figure, but he does provide some semblance of belonging and purpose for the troupe.

Other notable members include Lampwick, Madam Czerniskov, Skeezy Jeff, a dog trainer, several clowns, and the world’s smallest Goliath.

Papa Ghulo

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