Sachelhoffen Bogdanovich

A Svirfneblin Ardent


Look: He has glowing eyes. They are normally violet but when using his psionic powers, they become a glowing white. He has intricate hair, a hawk with the sides shaved in various patterns. His intricate outfit consists of chain mail underneath a padded, stylized military coat. His small, lean body is covered in scars; a testament to a life spent battling and protecting those he travels with. (Scarred body)

Scores: Strength:8 Str:-1, Dexterity: 9 Dex:0, Constitution: 13 Con:1, Intelligence: 12 Int:1, Wisdom:15 Wis:1, Charisma: 16 Cha:2

Damage: 1d6

Armor: 1

HP: 21

Mount: Underdark Owl-duck. Psionic bond of friendship although it tends to subvert commands and defies orders.


Equipment: Adventuring gear, 11 uses of rations, 5 uses of halfling pipeleaf, bandages (2 uses), bracelet from Uncle Bogdanovic (traded to Sasha the Dwarven Proprieitoress of the Havorstov General Store), Ancestral longsword, Lamellar armor (treated same as chainmail)

Jaqen’s soul is so bright it almost hurts to see. (Connection to his gods and the work he does for them)
When Bronson opens up, he’ll be much happier. (Accepting and embracing his heritage as opposed to hiding and denying it)
I’ve shown my heart to Fosher. (As the only other front liner in this group, we understand the role/duty of protecting the others and putting ourselves in dangerous spots)
The heart of Pock is filled with eerie things indeed. (His need to drive the group the group in dangerous ways, i.e. stealing from a devil and putting all of Havorstov in danger)


We are Sachelhoffen Bogdanovic, from the Vic Clan Burrow near Voda Podŭgora, or Lake Under Mountain in your tongue, though we lose some meaning calling it that. We are the only son left of our Otĭcĭ, Belobog Bogdanovic, Burrow Warden of the Vic Clan and brother to our Nuncle Blizzlelon, the Vic Clan’s greatest hero and adventurer. We say we are the only son left because of what happened on that fateful day, so many years ago. We are still young, but when we were even younger still, a terrible darkness, Chernobog, came upon our burrow, slaying our clan before our eyes. This was too much to bear and our mind snapped under the weight of watching our family and clan mates killed before our very eyes. We don’t know why we were left alive, but we came to to find the Sperger Clan had come to aid the Vic Clan, arriving too late to do much good. The few survivors of our clan were taken in by the Spergers, our wounds nursed, our grief allowed to run its course. It was during this time that we found we could alter things with our mind; that our grief at not being able to protect our loved ones had manifested itself into abilities and skills to do just that. What cruel fate that this gift came to us after we lost our clan. We vowed that day to find vengeance for our clan, even if it meant our death. It is then that we started to train earnestly in the martial skills, combining them with the powers of protection derived from our mind. When our training was complete, we left the Sperger Clan to make our way in the world, to explore like our Great Nunlce Blizzlelon, and to strengthen ourselves so that one day we can pit our strength against the Chernobog, the darkness that stole the light of our clan.

Connections: Mischa Dragornavic- The loveliest little Snirfvneblin lass from the same colony. During the time our colony was destroyed and prior to when we snapped, we saw Mischa escape into one of those side tunnels during the slaughter of our people. Over all these years, we wonder whatever happened to Mischa and if she is still alive…

Great Nunlce Blizzlelon Bogdanovic- A legendary figure from the colony, Great Nuncle Blizzlelon, or Nuncle Blizzlelon, or the Great Blizzle, is the greatest adventurer our colony has ever known. Part explorer, map-maker, treasure hunter and hunter of lost knowledge, Blizzlelon is a Svirfneblin that wears many hats. It’s said that he always turned down nominations for Burrow Warden of the Vic clan as it would put an end to his adventuring days out in

Dranee Von Nitzlesperger- Our nemesis from the next colony over. Whenever the colonies would come together for celebrations and festivals, we would always be pitted against each other in not-so friendly competitions. One time, we totally would have won the Luminous Mushroom race except that dastardly Dranee tripped us right before we crossed the finish line.
Waking up to find our colony destroyed, new and strange thoughts and powers floating through our head, and to the face of Dranee weren’t pleasant things at all. Especially when the attack came from tunnels his colony should have been guarding. Is their something more sinister behind the attacks then just bad luck? Was this the Sperger colonies attempt to be rid of the Vic colony once and for all?

Chernobog: A creature of darkness that destroyed the Vic Clan Burrow on that fateful day, many years ago.
Karma Points: 4

Sachelhoffen Bogdanovich

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