Tag: circus


  • Papa Ghulo

    Mister Ghulo, better known to those in his circus as Papa Ghulo, is the head of a traveling circus troupe. Ever the showman, Papa Ghulo loves the raise the drama in any situation, banking on shock value and the bizarre. However it is difficult to tell …

  • Lampwick

    Lampwick is a jumpy 1/2 tiefling cursed by a witch as an infant. Whenever he gets emotionally excited, he bursts into flame. Thankfully his tiefling heritage saves him from taking much damage from the flames, but the more extreme the emotion, the hotter …

  • Skeezy Jeff

    Skeezy Jeff is a ratty carny in [[:papa-ghulo | Papa Ghulo]]'s circus. He smells like cabbage and gives everyone creepy leering smiles.

  • Madam Czerniskov

    Mama C, as she is known in her traveling circus troupe, is a fortune teller with low levels of psychic talent. She has a crystal ball, but gets bad reception outside of major cities. As such, she usually tells fortune with her deck of Harrow cards.