Sign of the Lady

Unlike the lords of old decayed,
With shadows reaching land to land,
The very hinge of time shall stand,
With the mighty lady, whose blade
shall give even Heav’n pause, her shade
the womb of exiles. From her reaching hand
hangs hope; her eyes still command
the last great crusade.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” says Lady fair
With silent lips. “Come not those whose age has passed,
but tortured souls of twisted caste,
bound together in struggle, willing to stare
into the very depths which threaten to tear
the thin blue cord binding this world to the last.”
The hopes of dead gods finally amassed,
Even their hallowed homes laid finally bare.

The “sign of the lady” is the most famous section of the utterances said to be spoken by Irin Benanan, high archon of Heaven’s Oracle Host, in the immediate shock of the death of the final gods. It has long been regarded as a prophecy, though as with all predictions, its subject is uncertain. Some hold it to be a portent of the end of the world or time, others the splitting or destruction of the planes, and others mere poetry or a recording of observations which were occurring then and have already passed.

Of significance though, are two current movements which proclaim that now is the time of the Sign’s fulfillment. One group insists that the proverbial Lady of the poem is the Lady of Pain while the other insists that it is the Dark Lady, and each has detailed observations on why their view is accurate.

Sign of the Lady

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