Imeckus Stroon

Magister & Dean of Arcanum


The highly meticulous mage, Lord Stroon, is a descendent of minor nobility from the Nerathi Empire. His family has maintained some measure of wealth and prestige to this day, although Imeckus himself has concerned himself more with arcane lore and studies and remained unmarried. His only sibling, Lord Tevet Stroon, also lived in the area with his Eladrin wife, and once served two terms as elected regent of Havorstov. Imeckus and Telvet were two of only few humans in the area, and thus seen as somewhat of a rarity.

Spending long years in training as a mage, under the tutelage of the great Deva magister Rahmsas, Imeckus was regarded as a leading authority on arcane lore and evocation. He was known for his precision and attention to detail, maintaining very high (some say too high) standards for the University. After becoming Dean of the college of Arcanum, the University saw at least 15% less injuries and explosions in student experimentation.

After a series of attacks on the citizens of Havoratov which killed most of the remaining humans, including Tevet, Imeckus attended a town meeting at the theatre convened by mayor Lincoln Abraham. The theatre was assaulted by a mob of fiends that tunneled through the floor. They were driven back, but a devil popped back to blow a hole through Imeckus’s face.

He later woke up as some sort of undead claiming to have been sent back. He has since appeared a bit unhinged and is unable to use magic. He was able to perform a summoning ritual though, returning his familiar.

Imeckus Stroon

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