Where neither Seraphim nor raindrops go...

Prelude To The Big Show

The trans-sylvan town of Havorstov is notable for several things.

First, it is one of the only settlements to actually lay inside the edges of the haunted Gyrewood. Second, it is home to The University, the remains of a now fallen human empire and the largest center for learning and culture on this continent. Third, until recently it was home to several of the last remaining humans. However, four of the six have just been slain and now only two remain: Imeckus Stroon, the Dean of Arcana and Mayor Lincoln Abraham.

The death of a human professor known to many of you brought you to the town, and his murder is being blamed on a frankensteinian flesh golem found in the nearby University Museum.

Investigations into the other crimes attributed to the golem have proven false, but the citizens are looking for something to blame for the recent massacres at the university and the theatre. Dean Imeckus Stroon is concerned that someone is trying to kill off all the humans.

Mayor Lincoln Abraham (the other remaining human) has called a town meeting at the local theater to discuss the issues and finish the golem’s trial.



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