When the gods died, aspects and vestiges of their desires for justice and rewards for effort remained. Now the universe is infused with traces of their lingering benefits.
– Nibby the Sage

Karma is a way of making obvious that the more you put into the game, the more you get out of it. Karma will be awarded in points for going above and beyond the minimum required to play. Examples include creating a new adventure log for a session, creating an in-character journal entry, creating a writeup of your character’s back story, work on the wiki, or other out of game work that adds to the campaign. I will assign points based on how much work seems to have been involved. You can redeem these karma points for a range of benefits within a game session. You can also trade in 3 XP for 1 Karma point.

1 Karma Point

Sudden Advantage: You gain combat advantage on your target for this round, gaining you a +1 to hit with Hack and Slash, Volley, or some other action. You must activate this before rolling.
Hear me baby, hold together: You gain plus 1 to all Defend rolls or plus 1 to armor until your next round. This is not retroactive and does not cancel any ongoing effects already on you.
Blessing of Skill: You gain a plus 1 to a Defy Danger roll. You must activate this before making your roll.
Blessing of Life: You stabilize a fallen comrade on a 6 up. You must activate this before rolling.
Karma Saves: You may spend a karma point to bump a roll of 6 to a 7.
The Karma Initiative: Some basic item you need happens to be stashed nearby.
Karmic Ripples: To lean on your reputation: when making a roll that uses your Charisma stat, you may spend a point of Karma to substitute your overall reputation. The GM will tell you what it is based on your actions the past few games.
True Neutral Karma; Spend 1 Karma to just take an 8 on your roll without rolling. It isn’t great and it isn’t very bad either.

3 Karma Points

Karma Re-roll: You may re-roll one of your dice, except a natural 1 on a 20 sided die. You must take the second result, even if lower.
Karma Chameleon: For a split second, you totally blend into your surroundings, granting you great camouflage. You must activate this before a Defy Danger roll to hide
Karma On Top: Even despite being surprised, you act before everyone. You must activate this before someone else’s turn is resolved.
Karmalization: You convince a single minion to join you for a round. Parlay may be used to argue the minion into staying on your side or not rejoining the fight.
What Goes Around: You cause an enemy to suffer the same amount of damage as what they just did to you or another ally. This functions as an immediate interrupt and does not include any conditions that may be granted by the triggering attack.


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