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The world is old. No one really knows how old, because when it was young, there were different ways of keeping time and the sun and moon were something else altogether. There were gods then, beings of immense power, and their reflections, the T’tan, who eventually fought against them. That was long long ago. Now the gods are all dead and those few T’tan still living are largely bound. Countless empires have risen and fallen, from the Dragon-empire of Arkhosia to the Demonblooded empire of Bael Turath. At their death, the mantle and favor of the gods was given to humanity to ensure peace, blessing, and justice in the world. Now the last of the humans are all but gone and other species vie for tiny scraps of power. And those of the mortal coil are not the only ones. The other six of the Seven Realms also vie for influence, the sepulchral Underdark and the Abyssal Hells below, the Celestial Heavens and Astral Sea above the ever-raging Maelstrom, and rifts to the Feywild moon that haunts the woods and mountain. The world is a fantastic place brimming with danger, mystery, and intoxicating reward.

People And Places

  • Races
  • The Seven Planes
    . The Astral Sea The serene Crystal ether of the beyond
    . The Celestial Heavens The holy cloud plains and angel holds
    – The Sun Gate that pierces the clouds, embattled by demons and held by angels
    . The Feywild The Fairy Moon
    . The Maelstrom The raging storm that holds back the heavens
    . The Mortal Coil: The “mundane” world above the ground and below the clouds
    . The Underdark The caves and Sepulchral tombs of the dead
    . The Abyss the fiery Hells deep below the Underdark fueled by burning souls

Fallen Empires

Myths And Legends


Dungeon World


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